January 4, 2017

What is Britain’s favourite second novel? Please help us find out – by voting for your favourite title from our list.

Second novels are a notorious challenge for writers. Whether their first novel was a triumph or a flop, the pressure is always on the follow-up. But what do readers make of second novels? Do we even know which of our favourite novels are second novels?  We have decided to hold a public vote to raise literary awareness and discussion.


We will announce the Nation’s Favourite Second Novel Wednesday 5 April. On the same day we will be announcing the winner of the 2017 RSL Encore Award for the best new second novel of the year.

We are grateful to everyone who nominated books for the vote in our open call for suggestions in January. The final voting list has been agreed by the RSL’s governing Council. We know that there will be strong views about books that have been included or left out!  We welcome your comments, or do join the discussion on our Facebook page. Some of our Fellows discuss writing their own second novels in our recent RSL Review article.

View the full voting list as a PDF.

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