The Awards
a) Three awards will be presented – one of £10,000, one of £5,000, and one of £2,500 – to provide financial support for talented new writers to complete their first book of non-fiction for a mainstream audience, especially by buying them time for writing or research.
b) The judges will be responsible for selecting the winning submissions. These will be announced in November 2023.
c) The judging will take the following into consideration:
i. literary quality
ii. financial need
iii. evidence that the Award would make a difference to the writer and their book.
d) Once published, we request that the book includes an acknowledgement, crediting the RSL Giles St Aubyn Awards for Non-Fiction, and that a copy is sent to the RSL office.
e) The Awards are administered in all respects by the Royal Society of Literature.

Eligible Entries
a) The Awards are open to writers for their first commissioned works of non-fiction. Writers may submit applications themselves or their publisher or agent may submit on their behalf.
b) Entrants may have previously published work for an academic audience or edited books of writing by others, but the submitted entry must be their first substantial work of non-fiction for a general readership. Entries from writers well-established in another genre are unlikely to be accepted.
c) The writer must be resident in the United Kingdom (UK) or Republic or Ireland (RoI).
d) The submission date to the publisher should be no earlier than 1 April 2024, as the money is expected to be used to finish the project/work, for example to allow time away from other employment or to finance research, including travel.
e) Only books due to be published in the UK or RoI, by UK- or RoI-based publishers will be considered.
f) Self-publishing or vanity publishing organisations are not eligible.
g) Cookbooks or recipe books are not eligible.
h) Books written in another language, or to be translated into English, are not eligible.
i) There is no limit to the number of projects each publisher, agent or editor may submit. We would not expect a submission of more than one work by any one writer.

a) Applications must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 25 August and include all of the the following as separate documents with no page numbers, footers, headers, or contact details for the author (with the exception of the letter from publisher and contract):
i. a letter of support from the publishing editor (1 page)
ii. a statement from the writer about their work and how an Award would further this particular project, including a brief summary of their financial circumstances (max. 2 pages)
iii. a synopsis of the book, outlining the time frame for research and writing (max. 2 pages)
iv. a draft chapter of the book or other brief sample of writing up to 20 pages
v. a signed copy of the contract with the publisher.
b) Please fill out the form to enter, ensuring that you read and comply with the instructions given for each field. We are unable to accept entries via post or email.

The RSL is committed to equality of opportunity and welcomes applicants from all background and experiences. To give us insights into who is applying, we would appreciate it if people could complete an equal opportunities form, for which a link will be provided in your confirmation email. The information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and not linked to applications.