Eligibility Criteria

The recommended writer must:

  • Have had published at least two substantial works (or a sufficient body of other work) in English, or available in translation in English, at the time of recommendation. These works must be considered by the nominating panel and Council to be of outstanding literary merit; and
  • Not be a citizen of, or resident in, the United Kingdom at the time of recommendation.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Recommendations should be submitted in English
  • Recommenders should not inform the recommended writers that they are being considered for nomination – all recommendations are strictly confidential. Any lobbying by writers for recommendation is strictly prohibited
  • The RSL will maintain the confidentiality of recommendations and recommenders’ contact details
  • The recommender may not be related to the recommended writer – the recommended writer may not be the recommender’s spouse/partner, sibling, child, or parent – as this would constitute a conflict of interest. The recommender should declare their connection to the recommended writer on the recommendation form
  • RSL staff are not permitted to recommend writers for consideration, as this would constitute a conflict of interest
  • There is no limit to the number of recommendations that can be submitted by a recommender. Each recommendation should be submitted with a separate form
  • The RSL will not respond to all recommendations received, but may contact the recommender for further information relating to their recommendation
  • The nominating panel and Council’s decision is final; there will be no right of appeal from recommenders or recommended writers
  • Only digital recommendations can be accepted, please fill out the form here.