The Awards
a) A total of £20,000 is available – this will be split across a number of projects, which will be chosen by the judges. The winners will be announced in November 2024.
b) An RSL Literature Matters Award must result in new, original writing or other literary activity of an excellent artistic standard, which will reach a substantial readership or audience. It may be:
• a piece or pieces of writing
• a publication
• an event
• a production
on any subject and in any form, including (but not limited to) prose fiction, short stories, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, graphic fiction, biography or travel-writing.
c) We are especially interested in and will give priority to writing or projects which:
• engage with topics or audiences outside the usual reach of literature e.g., collaborations with other disciplines, or projects aimed at readers or audiences rarely engaged in literature
• and/or generate public discussion about the difference that literature makes to people’s lives and to the world e.g., through media coverage, online forums or interactive events.
d) The Awards are administered in all respects by the Royal Society of Literature.

Eligible Applicants
a) Applicants must be permanent UK residents. We are unable to offer grants to citizens of the UK living abroad.
b) The person applying should be a writer or other literary creator with a successful track record to indicate the proposal is likely to succeed. We accept applications from small groups or collaborations/collectives of writers, but not from organisations, this includes publishers, presses, registered charities, CICs and companies.
c) Applicants must be 18 or over at the time of application.
d) You must be in need of the funding to carry out the proposal and be able to demonstrate this and how the money would be used.
e) Anyone who has received any RSL Award or Prize (not including Fellowship) in the last two years may not enter.
f) We welcome projects in partnership with organisations but if the project is dependent on their involvement, you must have already confirmed with them that they are willing to collaborate with you. Please make this clear in your application.
g) Successful projects will receive funding in November 2024, so you will need to demonstrate how the amount you are asking for will be used towards your project after this date. Projects must be due to be completed within 12 months of potential funding.
h) Projects will need to be safe, demonstrable and actionable, in light of the ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic. You must show that you have taken this into consideration in your application, ensuring the safety of all participants and feasibility of delivering the project should circumstances change.
i) Current members of RSL staff and trustees are not eligible to apply

Terms and Conditions
By submitting an application, you agree to the following:

a) If selected for an Award, this will be subject to the provision of two professional references, which will be requested at the point of longlisting.
b) The Award money may be used to fund all or part of the activity but may not be used for writing or any other activity which has already been completed.
c) Applicants must not contact the judging panel directly about the Awards.
d) The RSL reserves the right to award applicants a lesser amount than they applied for and not to award a grant, or to withdraw the grants scheme in whole or in part at any time.
e) Our decisions on Awards are final and we will not enter into any correspondence about them.
f) RSL Literature Matters Awards cannot be transferred to another person or project and once awarded must be spent on the purpose set out in the Award letter.
g) The RSL reserves the right to withdraw any offer of an Award if the conditions of the Award are not met.
h) The RSL must be credited on the work produced and where feasible, the RSL Literature Matters Awards logo should be used.
i) Award recipients will be required to contribute to the RSL’s publicity of the Awards including sending a photograph and biography for use on our website.
j) A representative from the RSL should be invited to attend any launches, readings, performances or showcase events taking place as part of the project.
k) Award recipients will be required to write a brief report of their RSL Literature Matters Award-funded project on its completion.

Entry Guidelines
a) Please ensure that you have read and understood ALL of the above prior to submission to ensure that your project is eligible.
b) Complete all sections of the entry form in full. Please only click submit when you have completed the form.
c) Entries should be made via the online form; no email or postal applications will be considered without prior agreement and there is no need to submit any additional documents.
d) Do NOT include any links in your application as these will be removed.
e) The closing date for applications is Friday 6 September at 5pm.

The RSL is committed to equality of opportunity and welcomes applicants from all background and experiences. To give us insights into who is applying, we would appreciate it if people could complete an equal opportunities form, for which a link will be provided in your confirmation email. The information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and not linked to applications.