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The RSL Literature Matters Awards aim to reward and enable literary excellence and innovation. Each year, after an open call for proposals, the Awards are given to individual writers or other literary creators, recognising their past achievements and providing them with financial support to undertake a proposed new piece of writing or literary project.

Priority will be given to proposals which (a) will help connect with audiences or topics outside the usual reach of literature, and/or (b) will help generate public discussion about why literature matters.

Please ensure that you have read and understood the eligibility and guidelines prior to completing your application.

We advise you to prepare your responses in a Word document and then copy and paste them into the form in case of any issues while filling it out. You cannot save your progress on this form. Please check that you are keeping within the word limits as any text over these will be lost.

You will receive an email confirmation once your application has been successfully submitted. If you cannot see this, it is possible that your submission has not been received. If you have checked your junk folder and haven’t had this or are unable to complete this form for any reason or have any queries, please contact Khadija Ali.

Applications will only be accepted via the form below and must be submitted by Friday 6 September at 5pm.

1. Applicant Details

Please provide the name you work under (we will only ask for your legal name if you win in order to transfer funds)
Please provide an email address for the lead applicant
Please provide a phone number for the lead applicant
Please provide an address for the lead applicant. Only UK residents are eligible to apply for the Awards
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2. Your Experience

Please summarise your literary achievements and other relevant experience. Do not include any links

3. Your Proposal

Please give the name of your project
Please give a one-line summary of your project, explaining what it involves and the format if relevant e.g. play, workshop, pamphlet
Please tell us what you intend to do with an RSL Literature Matters Award
Please tell us how you will you generate discussion on why literature matters and/or how you will reach an audience beyond the usual literary sphere

Project timeline

Please outline the proposed project timeline, with each major activity/milestone on a new line, including the expected date for the activity. Use the + button to add a new line.
Please give the date on which you expect to complete the project. This should be no later than November 2025. You will need to take the date of the Awards being granted (November 2024) into consideration as monies will not be available prior to this

4. Finances

Please state how much you are applying for, taking into consideration that the provision for all of the Awards is £20,000 and we intend to fund a number of projects so would not expect any single application to request more than £5,000.


Please provide a breakdown of all expenditure for the project, stating the type (e.g. venue hire, artist fees, travel) and cost, with each item on a new line. Use the + button to add a new line
Please add up all expenditure listed in the previous section and input the total here


Please list any earned or expected income for the project, stating the type (e.g. ticket sales, book sales, other grants) and cost of each, listing each item on a new line. If you are producing materials, such as pamphlets or books, please explain how these will be distributed. Not all projects will have income so you can leave this blank if you do not have any additional funding. If you are planning to publish a book you are writing, please state include any advance for this. If you have applied for other sources of income but these have not yet been secured, please list them and when you expect them to be confirmed, as well as how you will manage the project if these are unsuccessful. Use to + button to add a new line
Please add up any income listed in the previous section (not including the amount requested from the RSL) and input the total here. If no additional income is expected, please input 0
This will automatically be calculated based on the amount requested from the RSL and the income subtotal
Your budget must balance so your total income needs to be the same as your expenditure. This will automatically calculate your expenditure-income and should result in a final balance of ’0’, if it is not, please go back and check your workings

5. Declarations

I confirm that I am over the age of 18
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