The poem is about autumn and being in lock down through the autumn month.

The leafs orange reddish colours runs tumbles thaws in the mumbles silently caressing the ground
the spiralling vein paused through the leafs hidden light rotting through the winter prism strands of
grey mass the floaters stir in the small. shrunken veins a inward confrontation camouflaging my
eyes counting the dark edgy floaters in my eyes their voice was a silent dark think void. A scare crow
figure appeared in the grey cloak of the cloud pausing the orcward argument confronting my better
judgement the condition ripened in the edgy crushed leafs corrode like dust the light iron colour as
a prickly sound on my tongue Chasing the paper thin flyers as they float afar in the distance the
leafs. disintegrate the small yokes seals her autumn fate the womb none verbally muddles on
consuming her entire winter stock the burdens the fuel and light were dimming low filtering through
the flittering shafts of sun light taught by the dark intense whirling winds they tangle on my autumn
triangular tongue.

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