Forest Friends United




Forest Friends cast away your fear,

A bright new dawn is nearly here,

The dark clouds are drifting away,

It’s the start of a brand new day.


We’ve all been through a Hell of a year,

With pain and loss and little to cheer,

You should be proud of what you’ve done,

Side by side you worked as one.


When Covid entered uninvited,

You stood up and fought as Forest Friends United,

Washing your hands and making space,

Finding a vaccine was the global race.


As the invisible Darkness came our way,

A great many people sadly passed away,

Inflicting horrendous pain and grief,

Some of the scenes were beyond belief.


Protected by gloves and a mask,

Self-less people set about their tasks,

Food parcels,phone calls and a chat at the door,

Helping others was never a chore.


Our NHS staff we can’t thank enough,

Their lives at risk they saved thousands of us,

Every Thursday evening on the dot of Eight,

We clapped outside and said ‘YOU’RE GREAT!


Lockdown life soon became known,

As Joe Wicks, schooling and working from home,

Supermarket queues stretched for miles,

No Pasta or toilet rolls in any of the aisles!


Then over the horizon in bottles so small,

A heroic vaccine marched so tall,

A little jab in our upper arm,

Will help protect us from Covid harm.


So as we emerge from lockdown hibernation,

Let’s respect our hard-earned liberation,

We’re a community of many cultures and races,

United together with happy faces.


Forest Friends you’ve done yourselves proud,

So let’s show the World and shout out loud,

‘This is how to live together,

With compassion and fellowship forever and ever!

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