Giving up the one you love




It's based around nature and how the elements of nature effect us and life experiences as well hope you enjoy these poems .

Giving up the one you love is hard at first to see them go with no return is hard enough a one way ticket to the fair and back you give them up to make them happy knowing that it is slowly killing you wreaking. Your nerves and mind to see them go with no return this is love.
The Poppies I was walking through the long grass the golden hay weaves along my legs tagging into my tights the Poppies anchor around my waist line they are chafed by the soft cool wind the moist air tangles in the fragmented shafts of red colour pouring. through the Poppies petals the stem cell of the flower blossoms through the womb of the flower a prism of light falls from the tree tops and secretively digests the. flowers oxygen and light it cesses to bond at noon time but it flourishes in the morning sunshine the colours of the flower merge into a vast spectrum of life containing a single strand of life printed in the dividing cells camouflaging it’s self and replicating it’s cells a million time over every minute the pituitary gland in the flower corrects any faults and puts mistakes right in the cells production it recalls a life before this one and delivers a message through a telepathic port hole in the loop cell of the flower it travels through time when man kind didn’t walk the earth and the mysteries of life were a blessing to the skies above they bonded all life forms and were valued as god’s for bearing fruit on the earth we were the crust of something bigger better then this dance we were. swept above and beyond throughout the stars and the universe new are colour and the toxins just exploded into one big nucleus. Cell and we existed as one big manifestation rolling into the ceaseless night feeling confused about how we came about and where we are receiving. messages came from a big temporary travel port hole. until the port hole in the flowers took us to the nearest light traveling through time in a loop hole in the cells division holding the truth in the flower DNA code it would release us from this primitive environment we live in and set us free from our prison pen so we can walk and sail among the stars once more like in our last life we will be free.

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