Morning Corner




I like to write about how I feel and what I see at the time. This is what goes on, on my street in the mornings, I love it, it makes me feel alive to see all the goings-on of mummies and working commuters.

Mummies on the corner discussing the latest news

Up since 6am no longer so dazed and confused

Previously career woman in tight pencil skirts they used to be the most efficient outrageous flirts

Babies in prams oblivious with teething rings to chew, dogs on leashes feeling a tad put out as now their nose is out of joint since the new kid came out.

Happy oldies cycle past with baskets on their bikes, what a site you could say if that is something you like.

Gum bunnies firm and proud no longer part of the housewife crowd, strutting their stuff to the boom box in sync, instructors a bit of all right don’t you think – if you like that type.

Passing the aromatic coffee shops laptops on tables new office space better then the grubby lonely kitchen table.

4 x 4s roaring past chatting to no one inside it seems or is it a podcast class

Mornings speed by in a flurry of tasks you want to be part of the action but you MUST wear a mask

Don’t stay in bed and miss the rush of that glorious morning feeling with life, importance purposeful buzz

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