P Thompson

We still laugh, we still cry
we still live, we still die.
We still feel life has changed
we still need this virus to fail.

We want life to be normal
we want Governments to listen.
We want Experts’ advise not to be
treated with derision.

We want people to try and
wear their masks
we want schools to be open,
theatre’s too.
We want all to be safe to
understand that life
could be normal if we do.

We wish Boris and his cohorts would
stop making wrong choices, sticking
up for failures by Government
Ministers who haven’t a clue what to

We wish that before they agree
they would fact check info, figures,
algorithms, and mask distributors to
save us millions.

We wish they would stop all
confusion constantly drip fed to
our Nation.
Resulting in unnecessary stress and
duress, to the young, to the old to
the brave and the bold.

We hope to see in the coming
months a professional approach
by the powers that be, whose
trust has been lost by having to
constantly say sorry
for getting it wrong by misjudging a
situation or test and trace system.

We hope to one day fly away
On a well-earned overseas holiday
To quarantine or not quarantine
When home from abroad,
as areas have locked down again
without question.

We pray the coming winter months
does not see an ‘R rate rise.
We pray for all of us to get through
and survive.
We pray for all families affected by
loss of a loved one, for whatever

We look forward with a brave heart
and steadfast mind
believing that life WILL get better
and children will have a positive
future and all will be just fine.

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