I wrote this poem at the beginning of lockdown when I was angry and tired. I work in the events industry and, before the lockdowns, I saw so many companies I know and people I love losing their livelihoods while people still went to the pub. The anger didn't abate with Johnson having pints on the beach in Cornwall at G7 when I was working 2 jobs with my career down the drain. I'm an introvert by nature so, alongside all this rage, I actually loved being at home with my husband and my dog and being left alone...  

My days were filled with sunshine and rain,
I brought flowers to people to keep them sane
And now I find my own mentality in the frame.
How will things ever be the same?
How will we talk, and hug, and be together
When we have lost so many souls to this, forever.

I miss my friends but not the tiring call to compete.
I do not miss the constant struggle to meet
With the same targets as others on feeds
Instead I sit at home and feel free.
Yet still they banter of projects started and books read,
Of brownies, cakes and sourdough bread.

I got dressed today and I showered too
And for someone who battles dark clouds and gets blue,
That is enough.

I do not miss the coughs in my face
As I stand on the train just a part of the race
To finish last, to work hardest, to never stop.
Can we now please accept that the climb to the top
Is never-ending? That we all need to slow
That as a planet we need to let the wild grow?

Why can’t we take this time as a mission
To allow our nature and condition
As humans to adopt more haste?

Why don’t we allow the four walls to hold us
Not to restrain us, but keep us from the fuss
Of people that would harm us with with a fake story.
We should take the pride and the glory
Given to rich men in suits and give it to the people in scrubs.

I cannot wait to hold my family close to me,
I do not wish to be out for I am free.
Fight for the NHS and the ability
To make the world better.

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