So there I was minding my

Business, when suddenly it

Arrived, uninvited, like an

Impostor, a burglar breaking

Into my neighbourhood

Covid 19,

The global complexity

That broke our spirits

And then finally crept

Stealthily into my world

The one who we thought

We’d battled and conquered

It’s here on my radar

18 months down the line

And deja vu

Oh forgive my French

grammar, vocabulary too

Mal a la everything

But it can be overcome

If the hibernation from

Society and its familiar woes

The news agenda, troubled

Oh turbulence not again

The every day living

Of our consciousness

Here in our province

Crashing through the doors,

Creeping through fluttering blinds

Dropping forlornly onto carpets

Now the virus announces its

Presence and my week

Will consist of nothing but

Self isolation, seclusion and

Confinement, resembling a

Mini crisis

But undaunted you surge forth

Back into the soothing light

Once this is over and reaching

The surface and into vivid

Happiness of the mind and

Soul we will get there

We always did

And always will

You will share the thoughts

Of Churchillian spirit,

Indomitable, never beaten

On any landing grounds

That virus will never disturb

The solar plexus of my being

The moral and physical fibre

Blood will pump through

Through the hidden vessels

And arteries where only

Mysteries lurk, but

Then the virus that drove

Me into unsuspected purdah

Like the proverbial tortoise

We will though defeat the enemy

With plenty of inactivity

So hold tight everybody

A week now stretches

That even vaccines couldn’t

Stop, the questions are

Probing and nagging at

My autistic mind with no

Answers, just feeble guesswork

To diagnose or not to diagnose

It’s been confirmed

Let’s just disembark the dizzying

Fairground ride where the distorted

Hall of mirrors render us helpless

At times

But Covid 19 is with me

So I’ll look to my loving family

And smile through adversity

It’s tough, of course it is

But we will get through this

Together. With love forever more

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